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Using illustrations to inspire (Part2)

  • How do you use illustrations in your writing?
  • Do you complete your writing and then create illustration to enhance the writing?
  • Do you start with an illustration and let it influence your narrative development?
  • What happens if you collaborate with someone that can draw more freely or easily than you? Does your writing benefit?

"I am a cartoonist by trade – so I draw very fast" - Chris Riddell

Watch how Chris Riddell draws characters from his books. He is a trained illustrator and cartoonist so he can draw quickly and with great skill.

If he can think it, he can convincingly draw it. This is significant contribution to the creative process that helps Paul Stewart write the text for the books that they create together.

Drawing the Abominable Snowman

Chris Riddell

Drawing the Banderbear

Stewart & Riddell

Drawing a Bloodhoney character

Stewart & Riddell