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Cath Howe

Cath Howe is an author and teacher working in South West London writing for, and working with, Key Stage 2 primary age children.

Her first two books were published in 2012 by Pearson in their Bug Club, “The Curse of the Highwayman” and “The Highwayman’s Revenge”. She has won prizes for stories, poems and monologues and even written a musical. Over the past seven years, she has also led children to victory in local festivals performing her work.

Cath Howe runs workshops in schools on everything to do with writing and performing, teaches gifted writers, coaches children for auditions, develops plays and scripts for festivals; everything about being inspired and creative.

Member of SCWBI (Society of Children's Writers of the British Isles), NAWE (National Association of Writers in Education), The Society of Authors and Writer in Residence at Kingston University Writing School.

Cath is the author for the LGfL Resource ‘Space Adventures’ and ‘Poetry Workshop’ both in development for launch in early 2018.

Cath Howe

Who is Cath Howe?

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How do you add humour to your writing?

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What is your writing process?

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What inspires you as an author?

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How can anyone write in a genre they are not experienced in?

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What other work have you done as a writer in residence?

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What does a writer in residence do?

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How are you able to support other staff as writer in residence?

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How can we excite children about the writing process?

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