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Sally Gardner

Sally Gardner was branded 'unteachable' at school before being diagnosed with severe dyslexia when she was 12. Sally is now an avid spokesperson for dyslexia; she sees it a gift, not a disability, and is passionately trying to change how dyslexics are perceived by society.

Sally published her first book in 1993, beginning her illustrious career as a writer-illustrator to great international acclaim. THE COUNTESS'S CALAMITY won the Smarties Prize in 2003. Her first full-length novel, and a turning point in Sally's career, was I, CORIANDER which won the Nestle Children's Book Prize Gold Award in 2005. THE RED NECKLACE was shortlisted for the Guardian Book Prize in 2007, followed by the sequel, THE SILVER BLADE. THE DOUBLE SHADOW was hailed as 'an astonishing departure for a writer who has found a new and very distinctive voice'.

The first book in her new series for younger readers WINGS & CO: OPERATION BUNNY has just been published. Her books THE DOUBLE SHADOW and MAGGOT MOON have been longlisted for the 2013 CILIP Carnegie Medal. Sally lives in London.

Sally Gardner

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What a dyslexic person sees when they read, and are sometimes told by an unsympathetic adult

Why did you change from being an illustrator to being an author?


What influence has being an illustrator had on your writing?

Why dont you illustrate your own books now?


What are the highs and lows of being an author?

What is your writing process?


Has dyslexia helped towards your writing in a positive way?

Does being dyslexic prevent you from writing?


How do you plot your novels?

Do you ever struggle to think of ideas to write about?


Do you have a favourite age to write for?

Why do you only write one off books rather than series?


Which book have you enjoyed writing the most?

What do you enjoy reading?


What advice would you give to younger writers?

What are you writing at the moment?


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