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  • Is editing a fundamental part of your writing process?
  • Do you enjoy editing? Does it help your writing or is it something you do because you are asked to do it?
  • Can you think of any examples of where editing has really helped improve your work?

Editing is an essential part of writing. It is vital if you want other people to read your own material.

No one can write any quality material without any form of editing. The Reading Zone Live authors certainly can't.

They all have 'editors'. An editor's job it is to read and suggest improvements.

English teachers often provide the job of an editor when you hand in your work for marking.

When you are editing, it's more than just checking your spelling and punctuation.

Editing includes thinking about, and making changes to:

  • Device
  • Style
  • Narrative Viewpoint
  • Pace
  • Character Development