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Anne Cassidy

Anne Cassidy was born in London in 1952 and was a teacher in London schools for 19 years before she turned to writing full time.

Anne has been writing books for teenagers for many years and concentrates on crime stories and thrillers.

Before she began to write Anne was an avid reader. Her favourite kind of books are those that have a mystery of some sort at their centre. She has a passion for crime books, mystery stories and detective novels. It's not just 'whodunnit' books she likes but why something happened, how a crime was committed, the effects of terrible events on ordinary people's lives. Her favourite crime writers are Ruth Rendell (particularly when she's writing as Barbara Vine), Sue Grafton, John Harvey, Lawrence Block, Scott Trurow and Donna Tartt.

To Anne there seemed to be a lack of these sorts of books for younger readers where normal life can be turned upside down through a single incident. Anne writes about the impact such events can have on everyday teenagers and explores the issues surrounding how characters live with the consequences of devastating actions by others.

Anne Cassidy

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Do young people influence your writing?


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How much of your own emotion do you put into your writing?


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What is your editing process?

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